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Whilst court litigation is often a satisfactory method of resolving major disputes some of our South Australia business clients prefer to negotiate matters to settlement even after the institution of legal proceedings on the basis that whilst an expeditious negotiated result may not have the same full benefits of a successful court action, it is preferable for other commercial reasons to resolve any dispute as soon as possible. For those that prefer a less confrontational approach our Adelaide based solicitors are able to offer several acceptable methods of dealing with commercial disagreements including informal negotiation, mediation, expert determination, arbitration or conciliation.

Negotiation & Dispute Resolution

Our Adelaide commercial lawyers have the necessary skill and experience to resolve a wide range of issues in South Australia from modest business disputes through to complex company matters that have been issued in the Supreme Court or the Federal Court. When starting to consider a potential negotiated settlement, it is important that our lawyers fully understand the issues and that the client understands any failings in their argument. Prior to dealing with the other side our commercial lawyers will need to asses and confirm the following matters in detail :-

  • the strengths and weaknesses in the propositions that are to be put forward
  • anticipate and negate the opponents arguments in advance
  • cost of the dispute and its potential alternative outcomes in detail
  • asses the psychological strength of both parties and their will to win

Multi Disciplinary Legal Practice

Our Adelaide commercial lawyers offer negotiation and dispute resolution services together with a multi-disciplinary practice that will satisfy all of your firm’s commercial requirements. Our intention is to build long standing relationships that will serve the needs of your business over decades. Our prospects depend on your success and we will leave no stone unturned in our quest to maximise the benefits that we can bring to assist with the growth of your business.

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